Solved Games freeze up and all my %'s tank as well

Sep 18, 2020
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Pc Specs- View:

Example of my issues in game with RivaTuner Statistic

Things I have done include the following:

memtest86- 4 errors all on test 13 hammer test(high frequency row hammer)

CrystalDisk- all hard drives are within normal speeds read and write and health of hard drives show good

I updated the drivers including graphic drivers

Cinebench- cpu 2049pts
single core-411pts
mp ratio 4.98x

I recently reinstalled windows due to Nvidia control panel crashes

ran windows defender scan and other virus scanner with no results

I have verified the integrity of the files and randomly arma 3 will crash (not very common) but other titles such as hitman and dayz dont crash but they experience the same issues in game with random freezing for about half a second to a full on 5 seconds at a time.
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memtest86- 4 errors all on test 13 hammer test(high frequency row hammer)

Let's start with this, since cause of your problems or not it's a real error.

How many RAM sticks do you have? Remove all but 1 stick and run memtest.

If you get no errors, remove the stick and place another stick in the same slot. Continue testing all sticks. See which give errors.

If all of them give errors in that slot try another slot.

Once you've established a stick that gives no errors, try that stick in each slot.

That should hopefully identify which sticks and/or slots are responsible for the errors.

Once you've worked that out, try any known good sticks in known good slots.

e.g. you have 2 x 8gb sticks of RAM. 1 stick gives errors no matter what slot you try it in. 1 stick gives no errors no matter what slot. Try gaming with just the 1 good stick of RAM. Performance may be a bit worse than ideal, due to less RAM and/or single channel config, but if your PC stops misbehaving in the way you're seeing it could be that's the issue

Also, the video shows a load of % for the GPU but no labels. If they're relevant perhaps you could confirm what the long list of %s means