Games for low spec PC

Aug 20, 2020
Hello guys ,
There are many gamers that have bad computers here and their problem is that they can't find the perfect game so I searched and searched to find these 10 games that work well in a very bad pc
You can find these games here
I hope that you like the video because it took me much time and thanks <3
There's definitely some good games there, but I would say TR Anniversary is a much better game than Underworld and also yields better performance. Underworld has some places that have heavy lag even on spec much higher than required. It also has a strange physics bug in the puzzles where you have to move boxes. I would also say the original Matrix game is better than Path of Neo.

Freedom Fighters however is an old gem that I enjoyed very much. You may as well want to consider Return To Castle Wolfenstien, and original Deus Ex.
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The best games for weak PCs are going to include lots of great games from the past. Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 7, Morrowind, Freedom Force, No One Lives Forever 1 & 2, Tron, Sacrifice, BattleZone, System Shock 2, Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, and on and on and on.
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