FSR and DLSS (a silly thought just occured to me)

Yes, just now. I understand that this technology enhance a lower resolution image to make it look with a better resolution... so, those movies where we laugh for being ridiculously silly when the technician enhanced the picture to identify the criminal were all realistic? they just have access to tech that we mere mortals couldn't access?
My life is a lie
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I picked up a piece of software yesterday which claims to be able to enhance low-res videos & movies to HD and beyond. Haven't tested it yet.

But in the near future I expect AI will be able to do all this kind of enhancement without a problem. Like how we can currently enhance stuff which would amaze our ancestors—with eg binoculars, LIDAR, gravitational lensing, MRI etc etc.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"—Isaac Asimov
My life is a lie
Nah, your life is fine—it's the cake which is a lie.
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