First person horse-racing/steeplechase game?

Nov 25, 2019
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Some years ago I watched my better half playing a medieval mounted fighting game where the horse control, movement and animation was more realistic than anything I'd seen previously. (Someone remind me what this was called, please.)

I've ridden many horses in real life and currently own a gorgeous 9 year old Tennessee Walker named "Medjay."

So, Medjay and I were wondering if there are any realistic racing games that use horses instead of cars, motorcycles, buses or whatever...
I am not brave enough to try any sort of steeplechase in RL, and therefore I am particularly interested if anyone has or is developing a good steeplechase game.
In either case, different breeds would have different attributes and foibles, much like their mechanical counterparts.

Someone gimme this game. :D
While its not realistic back in the day if you played Daytona USA on Sega Saturn and entered a certain cheat code you could play as a horse.

If you really want an actual first person horse racing game, one DOES exist. You'll need to dig up a Playstation 2 though:

And this sequel on PS3/XB360/Wii:

There was a PC version but it was only released in Japan and it was an online only game.

There was also the Sega Arcade game Derby Owners club, but that was more a simulator of owning and training a horse.


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