Firaxis' New Launcher


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Jan 13, 2020
Firaxis is doing something ugly with its launchers. They tried to update it a few days back and quickly reverted the change. Now they've updated it and, a day later, still haven't fixed it. It's causing havoc with mods in XCOM 2 and, if I'm reading the boards right, causing some issues in Civ 6 as well. Can anyone playing Civ 6 verify what's going on there?

Looks a lot better over in Chimera Squad's boards.

Edit: So what seems to have happened is that the new launcher has a drop-down-list under its play button. If you have the War of the Chosen DLC, you need to drop that list down and pick it or the game will start as normal XCOM 2 - which leads to people wondering where their saves/mods have gone. Chimera has no DLC yet so no issues there.
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May 8, 2020
Game start sequence:
Online catalogue; Epic / GoG / Steam, etc.
Restart for catalogue updater
Splash screen(s)
Developer/Publisher loader; Arma, Civ, Kerbal*, etc.
Restart for loader updater
Splash screen(s)
Loading screens
Splash screen(s)
Main menu
Load game menu
Loading screens
Play game - finally!

Sometimes there's more advertising than gameplay - which is exactly what the developers/publishers want, of course.

(* Kerbal Space Program loader can easily be disabled after the first run)