Favorite "dead games"

Jan 4, 2023
A "dead game" is a video game that is still playable, but for which there are only a few players doing so.

I've been playing Day Of Defeat: Source for almost twenty years. Which is one of my favorites. And I do believe it counts as a "dead game".

With all of this said, what are your favorite "dead games"?
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I had literally thousands of battles on the origonal version of age of mythology but eventually it turned into just a glorified chat room . It is the only game that i have seen get closed down for the day if chat got toxic , the screen would go black and a message would appear saying sorry if your innocent.

I got the remake by skybox but personally i dont think it as good , steam page says thousand only which is a bit of a mystery to me because you go to the page where you look or scan for an opponant and it shows as low as 17 on and the most i have ever seen is about 120 , i put it on scan and sit reading but hardly ever get a battle


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I really only play multiplayer these days in racing games, and those don't last very long because auto manufacturers only sign 5 year contracts and then the games have to be shut down. That said, I did play some Forza Horizon 3 earlier this year, and it hasn't been on sale for a couple of years, so it's pretty dead. Forza Motorsport 7 is also off the market, but people are still playing it quite a bit because they haven't made a new one.


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Jan 13, 2020
This is probably really obscure, but my favorite dead game (mod) was the Science and Industry mod for Half-Life.

A quick synapsis:
  • The two teams are rival corporations.
  • The win condition is to end a timed match with the most money.
  • Dying costs your corporation money because cloning is expensive.
  • Each team starts with a number of scientists that are to be protected.
    • You can kidnap scientists (using a briefcase to knock them out and throw them over your shoulder) and "recruit" them to your team by bringing them back to your base.
    • Each additional scientist increases research speed for new weapons and tech.
    • New tech is voted on by the team each time a tech has been made available.
  • The weapons that you can unlock through research included better guns, a GI destabilizer (makes a character vomit all over the place, slowing them down and obscuring their vision), and - my personal favorite - a briefcase suicide bomb, just to name a few.
  • Maps were basically built in the style of 2Fort from Team Fortress.
Jan 14, 2020
One game that I miss playing the most is Day of Infamy. I believe it was originally a mod for Insurgency, which was a Source engine mod turned into a standalone game, and the same happened to DOI. It is basically Day of Defeat, updated in the latest version of Source engine at the time, and it was a blast to play. It had its peak player base around 2017-2018 with nearly 10k concurrent players (if I remember correctly there was a free weekend when it first launched to attract players). Ever since then it has been dwindling in players, with SteamCharts saying there is only 45 people online now.

My friends and I have made so many great memories in that game. It was the perfect mix of arcade shooting, tactical thinking, and strategizing plans to win the match. The shooting felt fantastic, movement was fluid, nice mix of weapons and gadgets. and whenever they added new maps it was a celebration.

I know New World Interactive went to focus their time in Insurgency Sandstorm which is a fantastic game in its own right, but I hope that one day they will bring back Day of Infamy in Unreal engine.


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