How To Fast Glimmer Farming Guide - Destiny 2

Here is a quick summarized guide for farming Glimmer in Destiny 2 - I hope it helps!
  • Regional Chests – Opening regional chests is the fastest way to earn glimmer. The chests are shown as a cross with a dot on them on the map.
  • Heroic Public Events – Farming glimmer using heroic public events takes longer than farming from regional chests and the glimmer count is also a little less. Players get 600 glimmer per event.
  • Dismantling Shaders – Players can farm up more glimmer using the option to dismantle shaders. They have hundreds of Vanguard and Crucible shaders for dismantling.
  • Crucible Matches – This is not the fastest way to earn glimmer but players can expect to earn about 700 glimmer per round.
  • Use a Rainmaker – Players can also use rainmakers to their advantage. Using rainmakers can make close-range precision kills result in a “shower of glimmer”.
  • Trade with Spider – Trading with spider results in the highest glimmer count that a player can get in the game. Spider accepts various goods in exchange for glimmer.
  • Glimmer-boosting Items and Mods – Destiny 2 has perks that increase glimmer gain by a certain percentage.
  • Seasonal Artifact Mods – The seasonal artifact mods in the game can also help players earn glimmer.
  • Risk/Reward Mission – The risk/reward mission allows players to earn glimmer by arriving first at the Tower.
  • Killing Enemies – Killing enemies (robots or actual players) is another way to earn more glimmer.
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