Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds expansion leaked

Seems like this won't be included with any SKUs people have bought so far—Season Pass, Ultimate, GOTY etc etc. It's only a leak so far, no official announcement, so details are hazy.

My guess from the title and achievements listed below is that it'll be a stand-alone game like…
FC3 Blood Dragon
FC4 Primal
FC5 New Dawn
…and be set in either a scifi or possibly prehistoric—eg dinosaurs—location. Looks like Danny/Dani—player character in FC6—will be in it.

  1. Escape the Encasement with Fai's help
  2. Collect all 5 Vessel Shards
  3. Enter the portal and complete Fractured Fortress
  4. Complete 5 consecutive rifts without using glints to respawn
  5. Complete a run in Lost Between Worlds in 15 minute
  6. Take out 25 Defense Units with gadgets
  7. Take out 10 Defense Units with melee attacks in one run of The Maze
  8. Swim to a depth of 185 meters in Sunken Esperanza
  9. Take out 20 Defense Units in one run of Death by Darkness
  10. Blow up 30 Defense Units as Fai in Comandante Fai
  11. Complete Color Combat without Dani's health falling to a critical level