Question Every game made with Unity engine crashing

May 24, 2020
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All games created with Unity are crashing. No problem with games from UE4. Cant find solution anywhere.
My specs
windoes 10
Radeon R9 270x
I5 4960
16gb Ram

"-force-d3d9" trick doesnt work

Games crash randomly, sometimes 2 min into gameplay sometimes 1hour into gameplay.
When game crashes my screen locks up with a pattern on the screen and a continuous buzzing sound.
That does not happen with Unreal engine games.
Ctrl-Alt-Del doesnt work. PC needs to be rebooted. Its been going like this for a very long time now.
Its driving me crazy. So many good Unity games I cant play.
First, I'd send your specs and DX dialog to the Uninty devs, they might know or figure something out.

Any times I've had that lockup with buzzing it was a sound drive issue. Maybe update (or rollback?) your sound driver? (Might as well update all your MB drivers if you can). Try another sound output (like if your using digital switch to analog). Or if you're forcing some kind of sound enhancements turn them off (surround sound and the like).