Dragon age Inquisition+ Mass effect andromeda for 16 bucks?

I just saw this bundle over on steam and i had to do a double take. Sure the games are a few years old, but talk about a great deal. Each game has a main story that takes around 30-40 hours if you stream line. If you explore everything it could take you 150-200+.

they might not be the best RPG's ever made, but i certainly enjoyed both greatly. If you like RPG's it's really hard to pass this one up, even if you just like one of um it would be worth it.

Anyways, just thought i would let you folks know.
That is an awesome deal, and like you said, not the best of RPG's, but both are really good, especially DAI. And if you're a completionist, like myself, you could easily get around 500+ hours combined out of both. I'm currently replaying MEA, and while it has it's issues (which I won't go into here), it's a really fun RPG.
Hi JC it seems age since i got those 2 games , i went with the intention of just buying inquisition , like you i was job smacked cos i also got both of them as a twin pack at a really silly price

Sweet! A little advice, don't try to do every side quest in the game, it's what turns these games from a lot of fun into a slog. They are both really long, easily over 100 hours with out even trying.

PS if you want another 2 pack. I keep seeing divinity OS and 2, the final editions including all the DLC for like 22 dollars. you can buy OS or 2 for like 18,, but for 5 dollars more you get both! I'm so torn, I want both, and another RPG called Wildermyth. My only problem is i can get these or flight simulator.. I really should try flight sim over on X-box live first though..

anyway i thought you might wanna know of another great 2 pack. :)
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