Do you use Satisfactory ... if so read this ..

I found this over on steam ...


I feel that Snutt and Co really missed out on the opportunity to make their great game even better because i suggested to them that it would be a good idea to incorporate the 100+ into the main game then their would be no problems with the 100+ after the main game had an update but my suggestion was rejected.
I tried the 100+ just before update 6 landed and after the update tons of stuff vanished from my game so i started another playthrough without using the 100+ .
It was the first mod i had ever tried in 20 years of pc gaming and had no idea that things would get trashed when the main game was updated.

The smug little person inside me is now giving 2 fingers to all those on steam and the satisfactory q & a who basically to me to **** off and stop asking how to use it without it getting trashed after a main game update.
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