Do you ever dream about video games?

Often it is quite hard to backtrack and give a clear picture of what you are actually dreaming about, but maybe some of you have had parts or maybe even a longer dream about a particular game or moment in a game? I always wished I would be able to dream about some of my favorite games but so far I cannot remember a direct link to any games.

I know for a fact that I have had dreams about movies though and in one particular dream I was fighting off the creatures from Starship Troopers. I remember them coming in waves and waves, thousands of them! They all ran down a valley side towards me and a friend of mine. We had made a last stand by some wooden shack. I remember thinking this was awesome (while dreaming) and I was itching to kill the creatures. Then just before the creatures reached us, I woke up...
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Feb 6, 2020
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I do remember in the 90s having dreams of Doom, very pixelated.
I was a software engineer through the 80s and 90s. What''s sad is that, in the 90s, I began to go to sleep with coding problems (not the right word) in my head and wake up the next morning with the solutions. Frantically wrote the code down straight away.
Got out of the programming game soon after and went into general IT instead.


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Anytime I’m really immersed in a game I have dreams about it. Whether its hammering through the buy menus in CS:GO, looting in Tarkov, or building my deck in Slay the Spire, I feel like they’re more about the weird minutia in games instead of the actual gameplay.
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Usually I don't dream about games, but in the past it happened a few times. From what I remember, it was me playing a certain game. I also remember one dream when I was actually in a game. This was Operation Flashpoint and the "graphics" were similar to those from a real game. :) It was a quite surreal experience.
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What is the coolest video game dream you have had?
No clue. They zip by too quick and it's really hard to remember through all the nonsense, especially given that I don't try at all.

I've been playing a lot of XCOM 2 lately. This morning, I dreamt that I had to get off the chopper (there was suddenly a chopper) to get something done on the ground. So I roped down XCOM-style with my team (I suddenly had a team, which probably could not have fit on that chopper). We barely landed when somebody immediately had the package we were looking for (the "thing we had to do" was suddenly some fool FedEx quest!?) and he was grabbing a rope to get hauled back up to the chopper. I was trying to work out whether or not he was actually on the team when my alarm went off and I woke up.
10 years ago I found myself playing a lot of a game called stormrise on the 360, it was an rts, one specific part of the gameplay was swaping between your squads with the right analog stick (you'd kind of "whip" to the team if you moved the stick to the left, or right)

I remember having a dream where I would look at a place in the distance and whip my finger to move there, I even saw the line that would show on the game between me and my target. The next morning my then-girlfriend told me she felt my finger moving all night.
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Happened to me two weeks ago or so! The first time ever and I actually dreamt about GTA V and grinding for money in a heist. Been playing way too much the last two months and I think all the grinding just got repeated in that one dream. From what I remember I dreamt about playing with randoms and that we died a couple of times and eventually made it out of the bank. Hopefully, we also managed to reach the destination!
I used to have dreams (nightmares, really) of Factorio when I was going hard on that game. Waking up in a cold sweat screaming about incorrect ratios and backed up oil production, never having enough iron plates, logistics bots departing never to be seen again... but the factory must grow, whether you like it or not.
In the past when I've played a game for hours solidly I have dreamed about reacting in those games. Halo at uni is an example that I can think of but there have definitely been more.

Probably Counter Strike 1.6 too.
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Jul 13, 2020
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I haven't had a game related dream for a long time. Might be because I'm not playing as much as I did when I was younger.
I remember when I first played Starcraft back in 1998. Zerg was me preferred race back them (later i opted for Protoss) and I used to dream of sea of zerglings. I can still hear little buggers.
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I tend to dream about whatever I did that day, or whatever has been on my mind a lot. So yes, I've dreamt of video games, many many times. In fact, way back in the day, I used to have dreams that were entirely in text adventure format, which in hindsight was really weird, since everyone claimed you couldn't read things in your dreams and I definitely was. (Or at least my brain was generating text for me, not sure that counts as "reading" per se.)

Sometimes it merges with real life, and I have dreams where people I'm dealing with daily are in the games with me. This especially happens when I play a game like The Sims, but it's also happened with the likes of Skyrim and some MMO's.


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Jan 13, 2020
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I have had dreams specifically about gaming with Shack Tactical again. I sometimes have dreams that are very "game-like" but it is difficult to discern the difference between playing a video game and existing within a game world while dreaming.


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