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I haven't been very excited for DW2. I played DW1 some and really enjoyed the opening parts of the game but, once battles started happening, my interest dropped hard. There was a lot of fancy stuff going on under the hood, I think, but the hood itself.... it looked like big clusters of sprites pew pew'ing each other. What's more, the game was set up so that a Big Baddy race would eventually come after you so battle was pretty going to happen.

I noticed a news item on Steam showing the Distant Worlds gameplay reveal. OK, might as well check it... holy... an 80 minute video!? Uhhh, no, but I did skip around and found the battle system explained:
YOW! That's almost Sword of the Stars level combat! It looks far better than DW1! I'll be keeping my eye on this one for sure.
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