Diablo II Happy 20th! - Share you favorite memories

Let us celebrate with your favorite memories from playing the game!

Mine was making a whirlwind barbarian and basically killing (almost) anything in front of me. My favorite weapon was the Grandfather and my hardest fight in the game was with Baal. Took a lot of potion chugging and TP to get him down, but he eventually did and it was a ruuush! Honorable mention to Duriel, he hit like a truck! Oh, I forgot to mention getting the increased stash tab mod, that was pure bliss.

Speaking of Baal:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIYfqBHiVRs&feature=youtu.be
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Playing it for the first time is my memory! Getting the battlechest was nice, i still have it to this day. Im currently running through a Diablo 2 mod thats been put into Grim Dawn called Reign of Terror, you should check it out if you can.
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It's a shame, but I never really finished Diablo 2. I played it of course, but always got distracted by something else. What comes to my mind first when I think about the game are some wacky monster names. They're especially funny in the Polish version of the game. One of them is called "strzęp wymiotów", which literally means "a shred of vomiting" in English. :) I don't know if the names in D2 are random, but randomness is an essential part of hack 'n slashes. Grim Dawn also has some funny names, but they're limited to inventory items.
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Dec 9, 2019
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I spent several weekends going back and forth to my friends' house so we could play together, four or five of us working as a group until we finally defeated Diablo. At the end of every play session I'd walk home, usually super late at night, setting off every dog in the suburb as I passed.
Jul 13, 2020
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It's 20 years already?
I remember then the game came out, I was ahem 20 years younger and on holidays with my parents without any access to my PC.
I think that's the first time I've experienced hype about a game and couldn't wait to get back home.
Remember cinematics were out of the world for that time and the setting was darker than anything seen before.
I played it offline as a Barbarian, got him to lvl 70, took forever, so much grinding... so much fun. I got sick of the jungle. I then spent about 8 years trying to find something like it. That search lives on today, just got a new PC and what am I playing? Torchlight 2 synergy mod... i don't think my PC even notices its running

20 years... how time flies :)
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