Deep Cool Matrexx 50 A-RGB 4F case/RGB question...

Feb 20, 2021
Ok, so... first off.
I’m completely new to PC’s. I mean, I’ve owned PC’s in the past. But, I’ve never had a custom/gaming pc before... Especially, not one this expensive!

Anyways, I wanted to build my own... but, COVID. Smmfh

And well, the scalpers didn’t help the situation much, either 🙄🙄🙄, but I digress.

So, I had to buy a prebuilt in order to get all of the parts that I wanted (well, most of the parts I wanted).

When I got the PC hooked up and running... I started playing around with the Aura Sync to get my RGB the way that I wanted...

And literally everything is perfect, except for the 4 fans that came with the case.

My ram/aio/mobo/gpu, EVERYTHING is in sync and working just fine.

But, my fans just would not sync... and after a little research, I realized, that it’s because the fans aren’t plugged into a 5v 3-pin header on my mobo.

Because, apparently that’s the only way to adjust/sync rgb lights with software (at least, I think that’s right?)...

So, my plan became, to disconnect the 4 fans and plug them into a 5v 3-pin... but, I ran into some problems...

1.) I couldn’t really figure out where the fans were plugged in at?

I THINK, they aren’t plugged into anything at all... but instead, connected to the controller at the top of the case where the button for the led is on the case (possibly, soldered to it? Or, maybe there’s a plug, I just can’t really see it because of the angle?!)

2.) The DeepCool website says something about needing a connector, in order to make the ARGB fans work in sync...

Do I need to just buy a 5v 3-pin connector to plug all of the fans into and then plug that into the 5v 3-pin header on the mobo, in order to make them all work?

Or, would it be better to just buy a hub, plug them all into the hub and then plug the hub into the 5v 3-pin header on my MOBO?!

And finally...

3.) Whatever option you guys recommend that I choose... will I need to disconnect the cord from the LED button/controller in the top of the case, in order to sync the fans with my mobo?

Or, will it be ok to just leave them connected to the button, when I connect them to the 5v 3-pin header?!

Also... Are the fan chords soldered to the LED button/controller in the top of the case? Or, is it just a plug that I can’t see?!

I typically consider myself a fast learner and I usually figure things out pretty quick on my own... It’s just, I spent A LOT of money on this PC and i didn’t really want to run the course of trial and error, like, I usually would on other cheaper/less important projects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, in advance.