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Apr 12, 2020
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I desperately need some help.

If you are a hasty reader, or a snarky personality, please stop
reading right now.

Many people have DECADES of muscle memory invested in certain things, such
as a basic operating system, or a way of typing.

Many people were not born with a cell phone implanted in their hand and do
not like things that change every two weeks for no practical reason.

I am using a Win 10 PC and a Sony duoshock controller with usb cable. I'm accessing the Sony PS Now service, and trying to play a game called "The Last of Us".

What I want and need is to remap the controls. Remember, I'm using a PC, not a playstation.
The issue is this. The joysticks are horrible for me. I'm used to playing games that used the up/down left/right buttons to control movement. That is how I want to move inside the game.

You know how to drive a car.....now suppose you were sold a car that forces you to steer with your feet and shift with your tongue. Not natural. At all.

This game is going to call for super fast actions in panic situations. Movement has to
be perfectly intuitive.

The left joystick moves you forward or backward, but it won't let you turn left or right, and it won't let you turn to face the opposite direction. That is CRUCIAL as you will often want to turn and run away!
To turn, you have to use the Right joystick....which wobbles around all over the place, leaving you often
looking up at the ceiling. It just feels super WRONG.

I went to a huge amount of trouble to set this up. Bought a special controller. Installing PS Now was a nightmare, just to play this game, because I love the zombie survival theme. This is a gut wrenching disappointment. Also amazingly strange that there is nothing inside the game that tells you which buttons do which things!

To compare.....I had a Playstation One console, and loved the games Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. The controls felt ten trillion percent intuitive, IMMERSIVE. Later, I owned a PC and bought some much later chapter of Resident Evil. I literally threw it in the trash, because the controls were like this.....you couldn't
stop the camera from going up to the ceiling, you couldn't stay "locked in" intuitively.

Don't reply, "get used to it". If I told you to get used to eating with your feet, you wouldn't like it.
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So far, the only thing I've found that might work is reWASD, but it's a paid program and I haven't been able to confirm that it would actually let you swap only a single axis. It might still be worth checking out though.

EDIT: InputMapper might be able to get it done too and is free.
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