Computer can not handle playing a game and youtube at the same time

Aug 21, 2023
OMEN 16.1 Inch Gaming Laptop PC 16-C0000
Hello. Since i have bought this computer, i haven't really used it for gaming that much. Althought, with entering holidays and being able to enjoy free time, i noticed that my computer can't handle playing a game (whatever it is) and playing youtube at the same time. It lags and drops down to like 5-10ish FPS. I have been told the issue is the Ryzen 9's iGPU only having 512MB of dedicated storage, and that i could add memory with the BIOS menu, but once there, there is no option to do so. Also, disabling the iGPU and setting the dGPU from the RTX 3070 as main, only results in me not being able to have 165Hz (doesnt even show the option to change, its perma 60Hz), the screen gets into a very weird format, i can't connect another monitor and the PC feels slow. How could i solve this issue? Already factory reseted it, but still nothing is working. Also, for the record, not only visualy slow, but even the sound from the video or game lags a lot and cuts. Thanks in advance


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