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I just had an epiphany. Just realized George Washington had a rat tail. He was the original rebel.

this might be of interest
Oh thanks, nice one :)

Next time I have a free 5 hours and 15 minutes with nothing to do, I'll watch it!
Downloaded—only 1GB—for my Games History folder, which will be a refuge when I can no longer click and clack with wild abandon—ie for when I'm merely 'Pushing the Envelope of Mediocrity'.


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Thought this might be of interest to you guys and gals:

Did he really interview him for more than five hours? :eek: Today's TV standards are over dozen of minutes at most. I don't know when, but I'll watch or at least listen to this in the future. I grew up playing id Software games (and it didn't turn me into a psychopathic killer ;) ), so this is a must. Probably I'll divide this into parts...
@Sarafan This has to be one of the longest, if not the longest interview he has done, and can't really say I have seen anything similar if you are not taking Twitch/YouTube live stream interviews into consideration, but even those tend to have some kind of breaks now and then. Carmack loves to talk, even some of his Quakecon talks stretch the 3-hour mark.


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Did you guys hear about ? You type some words, phrases or sentences and the AI draws a painting. The results are sometimes astonishing. This is what I got when typing:
- day on the river,
- back alley in a cyberpunk city during heavy rain,
- ghost ship during a storm on the sea.




The possibilities are endless. Looks like concept artist profession may be in danger... :)


Jan 17, 2020
I think there is a free open beta which allows you to have 25 goes.

The $10 a month gives you 200 goes. I think I messed up the beta bit so just thought I'd try a month.

Edit: It is a little bit of a faff to get it running (you have to use the discord client). But once it's ready it's great.
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