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So hello guys,
So, I am trying to make a homework diary sorter using CMD you know .bat or batch file you know that is created by text document. So I made everything and now I want that anything I make Should be saved in a text document. So basically how I made it was make a code which asks you to first choose a subject of which you want to create diary or see an existing one. Then you choose what subject and then type in the diary, So I just want to save any diary I type in that cmd file goes saved to a .txt file
Anyone please tell me the code for this.
I'm with Zloth, doesn't make much sense as described. Is this a school project you have to do like this, or some other reason to do it this way?

I was ok with DOS before Windows, but I don't think it ever occurred to me to create files within it using BAT, since that's not what CMD is for, and there were other programs designed for file management.

Commands which you might find useful:

Fyi there are different commands available in different OSs, eg what's in Win10 is significantly different from what's in DOS 3.0—which is also different from what's in DOS 6.


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