Mar 30, 2020
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I play Fortnite on my PC. Most probably mixed games and some racing games with high quality. For mission games, you need a good mouse and mouse pad and I want to clean them.

Cleaning my new RGB mouse pad is tougher to me for this time. I cannot go outside to buy more if I spoil it. Whether there are many methods I have seen like cleaning with the soap. Though there are amazing facts and methods about cleaning a mouse pad easily by yourself.

Actually this guide here told me that:

Can I follow them? Just cleaning the RGB after plugging out and washing then put it into the sunlight is enough?

I will be more than happy if you make a discussion with me on games as well and the cleanliness of our hardware.


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I use fine cloth (the kind used for glasses) for my keyboard whenever needed and the same goes for my computer screen. I also vacuum/air dust my keyboard for dust once in a while, but I do not pick the keys, too lazy for that. Inside I remove dust from the computer every 6 months with an air duster. Two times or so a year I use antibacterial on my mouse/keyboard but will be doing it a little more in this corona period.


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