Cheapest 120fps Laptop?

Dec 7, 2023
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What's the cheapest Laptop model available that can run at 120fps?

I will buy refurbished model for christmas present

Thank you
I cant help you with naming a particular brand but i can give you a bit of consumer advice you may not be aware of.

Some consumer laws are very strange for example if you buy a new computer be it a laptop or desktop you must accept that it might go wrong because it has never been used , that said , some companies who build pc's to your own spec actually advertise that they do an overnight " soak test " to make sure its ok.

Refurbished on the other hand are governed by a different set of consumer laws , they are nearly always machines that have had something go wrong with them when they were new. Instead of throwing them away the faulty parts are replaced and to rake a bit of money back they are sold at a knock down price.

The key phrase is " fit for purpose " , as the machines have been repaired they should be fit for purpose so if you buy a refurbished machine and it breaks you can demand a full refund and refuse to have it repaired
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