Can't remember the name of this cool game on PC

Aug 9, 2023

I was trying to find this older game and couldn't nowdays on google.

The game is a first person shooter from around the years 1995-1998. I was playiong this when I was a child in pc game cafe's in my country.

The game had 3 parts. In the first one you play with a creature looking like spiderman maybe with some strange long hands (like a pray mantis) and the name was something similar with "spaw or spawn" (it wasn't the one from the movie). In this game you would just go forward killing creatures, opening gates, going outside and thru buildings. The creatures were SF alien type but a little goofy.

Once you finish the first stage, in the second game stage you would play with a Doctor, Einstein looking dude, and this time you have to use your mind to climb things in order. Go thru a building with carnivorous plants, collect objects that you use to go forward. I think you also had a dog at a point...

The third game I don't remember it, it was a different character and game.

This is all I can remember. It was in the times we used to play Halflife, Starcraft, Heroes, Diablo, etc...

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