Can't edit topic

I'm guessing the forums are set to disallow editing of topics after a certain number of days (a week or so?) presumably to stop editing in of spam links in junk posts.

Is that the case, and is it worth reviewing the limit?

I posted something on 7th May, edited it on 12th May, and now can't edit it again,

Given that the title is:

[now confirmed] Zen 3 (4000 series) not supported on B450; and no 'Beta BIOS' support to board makers

And the first post criticises AMD for not providing support, I wish I could update it to reflect recent events, in case anyone sees it and thinks they need an X570 board just for Zen 2 compatibility.

If a moderator/admin sees this, perhaps they could at least edit the post title to B450 / X470 mobo compatibility. I'd have also liked to have updated the opening post with a link to the news story on Videocardz.

Is the cutoff for editing one's own posts a little too stringent perhaps?
As I suspected :) I've seen that method on other forums and it's annoying, though you can usually tell who is going to be doing it as the posts are garbage and pointless.

Anyway, thanks. And grats on your ascension!

I'll PM you.