Can you recognize this game?

Jun 29, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I got obsessive with this mission of mine to find out a really cool game I played when I was little that I just can't remember the name of
Can u help me please??
I'll describe what I remember
It's set in Ancient Egypt, It was a first person perspective, it was a mystery quest, like those escape room missions u have today but the game is from the 90's (or possibly early 2000). it was pretty advanced graphic for the 90's. I remember all these logic riddles and had a realistic soundtrack with Egyptian vibe. it came in a disc. I tried to find it on the web and just couldn't. The game that looks really like it is Riddle of the Sphinx, but it's not it. I thought maybe it's The Clue, but no... Maybe it's something less familiar or a copycat, I don't know
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