Question Building my first Pc and I need help ASAP

Oct 10, 2020
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I put everything together following a tutorial, and all my connections seem good, but my PC won’t turn on. I have a 3600x rx590 build on a b450 carbon AC pro gaming, with a 500 w gold rated BeQuiet series 10. I tried to turn it on by shorting the pins as opposed to my power button, but it still doesn’t work. When I hold the flash bios button, a red light on the motherboard lights up(not the debug led light, one in the top left corner) . This makes me think that it IS connected to power. Any ideas?
Welcome to the forum :) First, the basics:

Check the outside of your power supply, there's a switch there which turns it on and off—it might be off.

Confirm the power point / socket is working by plugging something else into it.

Is there anything between wall socket and power supply, eg a power strip or UPS? Confirm that's on and working.

Is power supply properly connected to motherboard? Sometimes you need to connect two connectors from PSU to mobo.