Building a PC—Avoid wasting Money

Jayz has an 18m wallet-friendly video where he discusses:
0:58 - Power Supplies
3:19 - RAM
6:28 - "Gaming" PC's
9:20 - Custom "High End" GPU's
13:07 - Storage
He mentions at the end that the whole RGB thing goes without saying as an universal money waste.


If budget isn't an issue, K yourself O. But when budget matters:
Agree? Disagree? Add anything?

For me, a key factor he mentions a couple of times is the concept of 'noticing the difference'. I don't care if your thingummy has twice the speed-power-capacity of my doohickey if I can't see a noticeable diff in practice.

I know nothing re current parts, but I imagine it's easy to waste on case and mobo too.

Jayz says DDR4 RAM will be fine for years yet. Why is this?
Because games and software can't yet use the extra which DDR5 provides? Or…?
One small criticism: I wish he would have stated that not overspending on PSU doesnt equate to 'buy the cheapest PSU you can find with the right wattage on the label'. Getting a good quality PSU that will last a long time preserves all your other components as well.

RE: RAM. Far as I understand it as the speed of DDR goes up the latency gets worse, so even if the MT/s numbers look way bigger, in practice at least for gaming they arent that much faster, especially at the start of the generation with slower DDR 5 vs the fastest more refined. DDR4. Also add the fact that gaming in general is often GPU rather than CPU limited and RAM speed affects the CPU performance mainly.


The performance difference in gaming between the two extremes (DDR4-2133 C15 and DDR5-6400 C36) was only around 8%. However, once we stepped up to something better, like DDR4-3200 C15, DDR5-6400 C36 was only 2% faster.
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All white builds when on a limited budget, those NZXT Kraken AIO's ... AIO's in general when on a limited budget, pretty much any case Corsair makes, Intel i9's for a gaming build and those fish tank cases such as the 011's and Hytes .. I detest those cases. Expensive and horrible airflow. I'm sure there's more I can complain about but that's off the top of my head after I just witnessed a $2000 USD build that included a RTX 3060 for a peep that wants to game at 1440P. You know a build thread is going to be bad when it starts with 'my friend on Discord recommended this ...'