Dec 20, 2020
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I’m very new at PC gaming and just recently switched from console. I’m looking to build a good gaming rig with a budget of $1,600 or less for the desktop. I already have monitors, so I’m just looking for the desktop.

I’m very excited to play FarCry 6 when it comes out soon. I don’t have much knowledge in building gaming desktops. I would like a great GPU and intel 10. What does the community suggest for a good gaming desktop to play games like FarCry 6, Assassins Creed and COD
I would get familiar with the site pcpartpicker , its a very useful tool in putting parts together for a PC that will fit within a 1600 dollar budget. You can also look up pre-built pc's that are under 1600 dollars if you dont want to build one yourself.

I would also look up the requirements for playing far cry 6 and build a PC that goes above them. Theres a lot of other suggestions im not adding atm but i see noone has said anything yet.
Feb 8, 2021
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If you want to buy everything for the desktop right now, I would suggest to look for a good prebuilt, right now it's not the best time to buy new hardware especially GPUs.
With your budget you can find a good pre built desktop as you don't need the peripherals.
Then when the time for an upgrade comes, hopefully the prices will be back to normal.
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