Bohemia Interactives - Arma Reforger


Some info I got out of the Bohemia Interactive live stream that was just now:
  • A New Enfusion engine called Arma Reforger which is out right now in Early Access on Steam.
  • Reforger is a platform with different game modes, and the ability to be a game master and use tools to set up unique game content or make/use mods.
  • A bridge to Arma 4, not sure how that is working yet, but they did talk about how they wanted our support in developing the game through the Arma Reforger.
  • Seems the first game on Enfusion will be the "Return to Everon" - Arma Operation Flashpoint.
  • Cross-Platform Mod Support.
Link to the official live stream if you like to watch:
Link to twitch streamers trying it out:
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