Biomutant got a release date


Biomutant will (may)be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 25th this year according to their Twitter. I don't know that much about the game, but from what I have seen it looks like it could have the potential of being quite good. I really like the cartoony feel and that you will be able to do A LOT of parkour. I have a little craving for a fluffy, cute, and cuddly game with tons of colors, drizzled with a little kung-fu. Basically, I am looking for something like Genshin Impact set in space, but without the mindbogglingly bonkers grinding implementation. I'm going to sit comfortably on the fence gathering info while this game builds up the hype or not.

What do you guys think and is this a game you have been looking forward to?

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I think PC Gamer did, too. There was a BIG preview article in the magazine.

The long development cycle isn't a good sign but its still just a sign. We'll know for sure come what June.
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Jan 17, 2020
I heard on YouTube that the reason the game got so delayed was that it was getting a lot more voice acting and meaningful decision making added to it.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on it.
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