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Feb 23, 2021
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Currently i am using Dell vostro (year2015)Model . It has i3 4005u with integrated gpu intel HD 4000 and its worse i have attached its full specs.
i am thinking of an upgrade . I am in high school now so i dont have too much money for pc building and i want a laptop becoz i am traveling .
my budget is around rs55000 (indian Rupees OR ( $750USD ) . i have seen many laptop but still confused . Can You Guys help me find Some good laptop.
I Live in india . For me Processor and gpu are important Beacause i Want to do Gaming and Editing ( i am utuber also ) .
laptop should have easy ram and storage upgrading options. Hope you all good and Safe Day
First off, you posted the thread in the wrong section. Second, the attached file you speak of, isn't anywhere to be found. In fact there is no option to attach a file or specs unless you wanted to include an image, in which case you'd need to use Imgur to host your image and then parse the link to said image here.

Third, since you live in India, it's a good idea to parse links to preferred sites of purchase so we can understand the sort of hardware you have access to and at what price point. Forth, you need to mention the sort of games you want to play and at what resolution, without stating an etc in the sentence. Fifth, you will also need to include the sort of YouTube(not utube) videos you make since higher res(and frame rates), longer spans of YouTube video's will need more oomph and effectively a higher spec'd laptop which equals to a higher budget.

Once you've parsed the details, the community can then chime in on suggestions.
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Dec 7, 2020
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Looking at gaming laptop price points in India, I'm struggling to find one I'd suggest that meets your budget. There are laptops for ₹74,999 that, while they are light years ahead of what you said you're currently using, I'd still hesitate to suggest for any serious gaming.
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