Best extension lead to protect my new build

Dec 29, 2020
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Can anyone recommend a surge protected extension lead to protect my new build gaming pc. Ideally with several sockets, but if a single device is best, let me know.
Consider an UPS, will cost ~$100 more than a surge protector. We use 2 x this CyberPower one here and they've been rock solid for years—they have 10 sockets.

A surge protector won't protect from power outages, so if you have dirty electricity in your area, UPS is a good investment.

We also use surge protectors for the less critical devices—it's best to limit the number of devices on your UPS to critical ones, so you'll have more time to power down gracefully during a power outage.

I don't have a current recommendation, as all our gear is years or a decade old.