Best accessories for a PC gamer?

Jun 2, 2021
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Hey guys,
I want to pick up a wired 360 controller on NCIX Canada for my PC needs because I've been skipping out on so many great games that just suck with mouse + keyboard... but I need to add more things to get free shipping.
So, I was wondering - what are some great or even must-have accessories for PC gaming that many of us might not have?
I've already got a mic, headphones, mouse, keyboard, and controller (unless you can suggest a better one!) but surely there must be some int appvalley eresting things one can add to a desktop PC to enhance their gamin' experience.
Any suggestions?
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A good wrist rest.
Good mouse pad.
USB hub.
USB drive.
Cheap backup KB or mouse.
External DVD drive if you don't have internal.
Can of compressed air.
Spray bottle of screen cleaner.
Cheap Christmas lights if you don't have RGB.
Snacks for gaming fuel!

More expensive:
Power strip.
Surge protector.
UPS—Uninterruptable Power Supply.
External backup drive.
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Jun 1, 2021
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Everyone should have a surge protector regardless of if they game or not. Prefer it dies than my pc.
I would go one step further and say that most people should have a UPS. Unless your primary PC is a laptop with a battery, there is a lot of benefit to having the UPS to keep your PC powered on during short power blips or outages. There have been multiple instances where my power has flickered and my PC just keeps right on going like nothing happened.
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