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Hand on heart, this is VR's killer app, it's the perfect mix of rhythm action, music, agile environments and level design. I have yet to have people round who aren't fans of it.
I've also heard stories of folks who have lost stones of weight from playing it too!

I'd love to know your favourite tracks! Mine is the KDA add-on (because I'm a LoL nerd, the song is bangin' and I'm charmed by Kpop)



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Jan 17, 2020
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I would suggest finding a gaming cafe that does VR, but I think they'll be out of commission at the moment with Coronavirus fears - I doubt people wanna share headsets at the moment?
Yeah, might take a gander in Portland next time I am there, but I work at a Data center that is purpose built in the middle of nowhere. Biggest attraction I have within an hour is a walmart >.<
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I love this game, though it will probably eventually give me a heart attack because I lack moderation, or at least fail to warm up first. I just wish the frequent updates didn't break the mods seemingly every time. I get tired of trying to track them down again. (Though this is a beef that I have with nearly every game that regularly updates.)
Dec 15, 2019
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I'd never heard of Jaroslav Beck before (he's the composer and co-founder of Beat Games), but I love pretty much everything he's done for the Vanilla version of Beatsabre. You know a quality Rhythm Action game when you find yourself humming the tunes and tapping out rhythms for days after you've played.

But - my no.1 fave is Boom Kitty - Rum 'n Bass. D&B pirate choooooon FTW.
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May 9, 2020
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Never played a moment's VR (nor will I for some time I suspect!) but even I love beat saber.

Surely it was made for Duel of the Fates:

And while I shared the above version as I find it fun to watch, this one gets the fastest hands award:
It's bonkers.
Haha that was epic!

I have the PS4 variant and its my fav VR game. I should clear some space and dust it off again.
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