Battlefield 2042


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Not gonna lie, I am HYPED for this game. They really embraced the "only in Battlefield" moments, especially the pilot eject scene. Things I'm excited about:
  • The Frostbite Engine is just a beautiful game engine
  • Levolution - the shipbreaking scene, tornados, dust storms
  • New game modes - sounds like they may not release BR yet but plenty of opportunities to make something fresh and interesting
What are your thoughts?

Nov 9, 2020
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I have never played a game in the Battlefield series so far. However, I am excited about this game. If we can do things shown in the trailer, this is a terrific thing. I hope it meets our expectations.


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Lol it's getting roasted on steam, but I actually play every chance I get. I honestly love it despite its flaws. I also know after BFV got slammed so hard on release that EA/DICE puts a lot of post-launch support in so I know they'll keep mixing things up.

Plus I didn't like Hazard Zone at first but it's a really great, casual battle royale replacement.
BF2042 just went on sale on Origin... less than a month after release. YIKES!

I'm still playing it though, hope they keep updates coming!

I like to look at old posts like this of games that have rocky launches. Bf2042 posts were similar to CP2077 before its release. And im glad you enjoy it! I know i loved games that people absolutely hated or were super buggy at launch. If you like it then it works for you lol
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BF2042 vs. Battlefield V which is more fun

I had more fun playing Battlefield V because I had experienced all of its modes. Grand Operations was awesome, Rush for Operation Underground was a blast, The Pacific maps were a huge upgrade, and I really liked dropping into Firestorm despite its flaws.

Right now BF2042 only has a few modes: Conquest, Breakthrough, Hazard Zone, and then whatever modes are on portal. Plus only a handful of maps so far. Once they start putting out more maps and expanding the gameplay a bit I think it'll start matching the fun level on BFV.