Question Asus 1060 dc2 strix OC 6gb good?

Apr 29, 2020
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I have a mate who is willing to sell me one to replace my gtx570 for $310AUD he has only had it 4 months and has done no data mining.
Is this worth it? I don't do any hardcore pc gaming it'd be more for borderlands 3 and the occasional cod match with friends.

Thanks :)
I'd advise you not to buy it.

You can buy brand new GTX 1660s for ~$380 AUD. So for your friend's 1060 you'd be paying not far off that amount for something less powerful, with an older architecture (less driver support going forward), and no warranty.

I had a look at Ebay in Australia for 1060s and there are auctions on there starting as low as $99, with multiple "buy it now" options at $250. And $250 AUD sounds a bit expensive for a 2nd hand GPU too. You can buy brand new RX 580s for ~$285 AU.

So I'd politely decline and wish him luck on ebay, :)

If you want a GPU upgrade, get an AMD RX 570 for 210 AUD:

An RX 570 is not too far off a GTX 1060 in performance. Technically in the GPU tier below, in BL3 the performance is relatively close, if you look at this benchmark from this PC Gamer article.

That would be a much better deal. Cheaper, similar performance in your favourite game, and unlike your friend's GPU will carry a warranty. You never know when these things might die on you out of the blue


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