Are there any good dual analog 6-face button controllers for PC?

Jun 15, 2020
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I live in the US, and am hoping I can find a controller like this that does not cost a fortune.

I basically just want an Xbox360/One/Series-like controller with 6 face buttons instead of 4. As in one that still has all the features of such Xbox controllers like having two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons with the back two being analog. All the ones I have been able to find either have one analog stick, no analog sticks, only two shoulder buttons, or four shoulder buttons but the rear two are not analog. I don't care if the 5th and 6th face buttons are just a second mapping of two of the shoulder buttons instead of their own additional buttons, I just don't want it to have any less functions than even the Xbox360 controllers had from nearly 20 years ago. Basically, if you took an Xbox360 wired controller, and added an C and Z button to it, that would be exactly what I am looking for, but I can't find anything as simple as that, I don't even care if the C and Z buttons are not their own discrete buttons but are just a second way to press the RB and LB buttons. Does anybody make a controller like this?

It doesn't have to be wireless, in fact, I would prefer wired, or a wireless controller that can still be used wired by plugging it in... again, like Xbox controllers can.
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