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Jan 13, 2020
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Jan 13, 2020
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I would play it more if it had a solo mode. I don't like playing with squads cause I'm 47 years old and hate most people. It is a good game with good graphics, atmosphere and combat but I'm more of a Fortnite/PUBG kinda hermit.
I enjoyed the hype for a while, but the gameplay lost its charm after a while. I think the game lacks a soul and therefore feels too mechanical. Like it was made for making money and not for the players if that makes sense. Some games got a soul, some don't. At least that is the only somewhat reasonable explanation I can come up with as to why I am not playing it anymore.

@MacLeod That is because you are a bounty hunter;)
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Dec 9, 2019
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Been playing a bunch of Apex the past few weeks after not touching it since launch. It's hard to adapt to bullet drop guns after so many hours in Siege, but I like the character abilities and speed of looting a lot.
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Jan 14, 2020
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Not really my cup of tea, but I think it is the best Battle Royale, unless you want to play solo.

That is one part of my issues with the game, since I don't want to play with random people and most of my friends are either not interested in the game or approach it with a very different mindset. They either don't care at all about the outcome of a round, or they are hyper competitive.

Apart from that, I don't like games where it is very likely I will loose a firefight, just because the other player has better equipment in regards to armor and health. I don't like it when the following does not apply:

1. See a enemy player first
2. Shoot first
3. Hit first
4. Win the firefight

You can (and often will) loose in APEX legends and similar games, just because somebody has tier 3 armor and can outheal you. That is simply not my cup of tea.

And to be honest, I am still a bit salty that Titanfall 3 is on hold because of APEX Legends.
Mar 11, 2020
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I've been play Apex as a regular (and without playing with friends, so squading up with RANDOMS), for months now. And i've really been enjoying the game.

What I've experienced playing the game with randoms:

1. Most of the time, good team gameplay. yes even with randoms i get good games with teammwork.
2. This game by far, has the nicest people. I've chatted wtih a ton of randoms in game and nearly all are really nice and easy to work with.
3. Gameplay for me has been good. Nothing too big of an issue in terms of gameplay, i like the 3 squad system.
4. Unfortunately there has been quite a few cheaters in season 4.
5. I would say the gunplay is quite demanding. You really have to go to the shooting range and understand how each gun behaves so you can be more accurate.

This is just my experience on PC, it's been for me personally a great game.

However I will add, the game is very demanding to play. I have to take breaks semi often and find another game where I can relax and chill in.

I'm HBZK100 on Origin, so feel free to add me if any of you want to squad up.
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