Any plan to integrate article comments and the forum?

Jan 11, 2020
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Some sites use threads on their forums as article comments, and it works really well. They have a folder for it on the forum and a thread is automatically created in that folder when a new article is posted, and that thread is embedded under the article. It means you only need one account, and all your notifications are in one place, Probably also increases visibility of and drives traffic to the forum.

Any thoughts on PCG doing this?
It should work the same way as it does on Tom's Hardware as the admin team here are also on there, so take this for example - I drove razors massive E sports rig - if you scroll to bottom of article there will be a link that will take you to forums or you can comment from here.

It might just take time to integrate it as I know it took a while to do the same on Tom's. They only just set forums up, one thing at a time :)


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