An Introduction to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

These are old titles on console, but new to PC. So if you plan on playing them on PC and have never played them on console, be forewarned there are some spoilers!

I've played these titles each at least a couple times through on Moderate and Hard, and just beat Uncharted 4 on the hardest mode last night. It's apropos they call that mode Crushing, as the definition of the word in the adjective context is, "causing overwhelming disappointment or embarrassment.", as per Oxford Languages. Even better to use Oxford's definition, as U 4 is about pirates.

Thankfully though, this port rather quickly received two much needed patches to fix stuttering problems and mouse polling rate issues. It was mostly the Uncharted 4 half that suffered the performance problems, but I'm happy to say last night's long session that kept me up until 3AM was pretty much stutter free. There was also times where the game froze before to buffer, but that seems gone too.

So I had mostly held off trying to capture it due to these issues, but saved a few of the tougher battles of Uncharted 4 last night. As of now, it appears the only lingering nit pick I have is the game's tendency to require rebuilding shaders at the main menu if you take even a little while to get back to playing it, which takes a good while. This supposedly minimizes or completely removes stutters.

It can be tempting to use the elite weapons, which have gold screen icons, but be forewarned it can be very hard to get them to full ammo before starting a battle, as few enemies carry them. Pretty much all 3 of these videos show this scenario, and the weapon swapping necessary because of it. The Barok .44 pistol can be very handy though, as it is capable of one shot-ing many enemies.

A few spoilers from this point on.

Avery's House Battle

This is a segment of a chapter called New Devon, where you finally find the mansion of Henry Avery, the pirate who's massive treasure you are searching for. I've seen a video of someone managing to do this whole battle with stealth, but on a lower difficulty where enemy marking is possible. Not being able to mark enemies had caused me blown stealth in many places, so I did not even try here.

Avery's Cave Battle

This is part of a chapter called Avery's Descent. It's a pretty cool slog through some dark caves with death traps and mummies rigged to explode. I was getting pretty hammered at the start of this battle a few times, but having 4 grenades, and just enough ammo to get the first wave, made it safe to advance. If I looked wary of advancing, it's because I'd forgotten how many enemies spawn and where.

Shipwreck Battle

This is part of a chapter called No Escape. I seriously thought about restarting the whole chapter to pick other weapons to get more ammo, but it turned out it was only my strategy that was flawed. You mainly need to save the snipers for last on the first part, which trigger the second wave that involves Brutes, and allows time to prepare. Once down, their guns make mopping up the third wave easy.

Soon I'll be playing the other title in this collection, The Lost Legacy, on Crushing as well. I plan to save at least a few battles from it too.
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