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  1. P

    Question Changing drives for new PC

    Hey everyone! I might be overcomplicating this issue, but in my reading I haven't recognized any guide I've found as completely applicable to my exact situation, only parts of it, so I figured I'd just ask on here to make sure my plan is solid. I'm about to build a new gaming PC, all the parts...
  2. J

    Asus rx517gt Battery

    Hey guys I have a question about asus rx517gt , is the battery of asus rx517gt separate or no ??
  3. beardboy

    Question Can I be stolen away from Apple?

    Hey folks. The time has come to upgrade. I have been running a speced up 2015 Macbook since...2015, and it is definitely starting to chug. At this point in my computational life it seems like I could go several ways. I could either buy a 2019 Macbook for about $1500 (I prefer 16gb of ram), I can...