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  1. StoneGreninja

    EVO cancelled, will run online tournament

    Not even two months after I post the Evo 2020 lineup the pandemic claims another social gathering. I would have wanted to see the Marvel 2 invitational, but I don't think they can do it online without buying old Xbox 360s with marvel 2 installed. Actually, I have one and consider myself as...
  2. StoneGreninja

    Evo tournament 2020 lineup announced

    This year's main tournament games for the Las Vegas tournament have been announced, and 4 out of the 9 games have PC ports: SFV, SC6, T7, and DBFZ. MK11 was snubbed, and we have Marvel VS Capcom 2 in the lineup as an invitational + a qualifier for the rest of us. As a SNK fan, it pains me to...