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  1. L

    Solved Need help with Wi-Fi network card not recognized after installing ssd

    Hello! Recently I decided to upgrade my computer by installing a new ssd in my secondary M.2 slot(since my first slot is already being used by a primary ssd which contains my OS/windows10). However, after installing it and booting up the PC, I could no longer connect to my PC via Wi-Fi. For...
  2. crypter_jarvis

    Regarding Graphics

    I play apex legend on my 1650 gtx and 8 gigs ram ,i5 9th gen proscessor My monitor refresh rate is 60hz and i have disabled v sync and anti aliasing and my fps goes up to 30 to 120 so will there be any adverse effect on my cpu or monitor or gpu and whats the use of enabling anti aliasing and...
  3. junfu95

    Game crashes multiple times on several occasion

    Guys this is actually more of an overall issue ... But since lately ive been having this issue while playing ... Im givin it a try in hopes for looking for a solution ... Ive bought Borderlands 3 about last week but theres an issue while playing it .. my game keeps crashing while im playing ...