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  1. Zloth

    Question Do you use categories/genres to find games?

    When I look up a game, I find it by its name. I don't think I've just scanned through the "RPG section" or the "1st Person Shooter" section of a store since the brick & mortar days. Steam has a nice set of categories and subcategories all set up, which I never use. I might use tags to try and...
  2. C

    Question Is 500 too little for a decent midrange laptop?

    I am 17, and considering buying myself a laptop so as to free up/stop having to use the 7-year-old family clunker. I'm looking for something that can comfortably have Steam, Discord, Roblox and Minecraft, run them reasonably well and have room to grow/ save for school projects. I'm not willing...