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  1. Nemesis Warhulk

    Nemesis Warhulk

  2. The Chantry

    The Chantry

    The Chantry was the third zone in the Shadow Shard. This also shows the Rularuu's most iconic soldiers (to use a term) - the Watchers. They shot beams out that did terrible things to reflex-based defenses and they bit for heavy damage.
  3. Tesslah in Zulu

    Tesslah in Zulu

    Firebase Zulu, the first zone in the Shadow Shard. For those that couldn't fly or teleport, travel was done via little geysers that launched you from island to island. The geysers were quick but few people were willing to master them and just found somebody with Group Fly to carry them instead.
  4. Storm Palace from Below

    Storm Palace from Below

    The final Shadow Shard zone contained the Storm Palace and Lanaruu. Before the teleporters were put in, this was far and away the most remote place you could get in the game and there were plenty of max level enemies floating around as well.
  5. Cascades & Vanguard.jpg

    Cascades & Vanguard.jpg

    The Cascades was the second Shadow Shard zone. As you can see, it was WAY more vertical than any other zone in the game. The exit to the next zone was actually way at the top and you had to find your way up there.