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  1. Alessio3601

    3070 2x8pin or 1x8pin/1x8pin

    I recently bought a inno3d ichill 3070 x4 and it draws 220w, my power supply is 650w thats the minimum for this card so thats okay but i read that a 8pin connector thet splits to another one gives 150w and the pcie port gives another 75w so thats 225w should i worry about this and buy another...
  2. L

    1060 to 3070 Upgrade Help

    Hello everybody! My PC is about 3 years old now and I am looking to move towards high performance 1440p gaming with a 3070 next month. I am however a little concerned about making the jump and wondering if I need to make any other changes before taking the plunge. My specs are: Intel Core...
  3. kapz

    Question Intel Build for NVIDIA RTX 3070

    Dear PCGamers!!! I hope you all are doing well at this crucial time due to the global pandemic. As the title says, I am thinking of a build for the just-released new NVIDIA RTX 3000 series. So, I would like to have your insights in the following build I did in order to put an RTX 3070 on it...