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  1. neogunhero

    Quake II Remastered releases for PC

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/quake-2-remaster-released-includes-quake-2-64-and-new-expansion (Rock Paper Shotgun) Quake II Remastered shadow-dropped today right after being officially announced at QuakeCon 2023. It features improved AI, upgraded graphics, smoother multiplayer experience, a...
  2. Sarafan

    Quake 3 Arena in modern times ;)

    You've probably noticed my other thread in which I suggested some great mods which overhaul the graphics and gameplay of Q1. Now I decided to take one more trip to the past and installed Q3 Arena. Yup, the multiplayer mostly game from 2000. :) I was wandering whether there are people still...