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  1. PhillyTaylors

    Building a PC primarily derived from the "Best Seller" tag on!

    I know from years of playing on, using, and looking at PC prices that building one is usually if not always the best option but does anyone know of any fully built gaming pcs that are actually a good value where maybe you would only be spending a little more to buy it put together already? Or...
  2. Zacharacamyison

    Is my pc good enough for 2020?

    I was given a rig with parts from 2013; wondering if it’s sufficient for this year. Parts include: Amd FX 9590 Msi 970 gaming 4g 32gb ddr3 ram 750w Corsair psu
  3. SlimBoyHellskin

    First PC Build

    I'm new to this forum and to the PC community but would really like to get started. I have parts picked out for my first PC build and to the best of my knowledge everything's compatible and would fit pretty nicely. Would it be overkill to ask a few people to check if everything's compatible...