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  1. ConDeBarBarian

    Question Pixelated Stream at 1080p 60fps with 18.7 Mbps Upload speed

    Hi everyone, I'm back with another question for you wonderful wizards! I have posted this on the OBS forums as well but thought I'd check out the trustworthy brains here too! So I started streaming this week (On Twitch) using OBS stream elements. So far so good. However I have noticed on my...
  2. lgndry_yt

    Question Can someone help my stream settings for my Ryzen 5 2400G build? pls.

    So I have been gaming for some time now, and I really want to get into live streams, here are my specs and software I use. CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G GPU: EVGA 1060 3gb Storage: 500gb SSDs motherboard: Asus Prime A320M-A (AM4) software: OBS Studio I stream mostly to YouTube, but I want to stream to...