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  1. DaKorona

    Motherboards - What am I looking for?

    So, here's the deal, I got into PC building back in 2012. I built a computer that comprised of a sandybridge processor (i7 3930k) that I'm still using today. I've started saving for a new computer entirely because I realise this processor is just not holding up to the task any more. Though it...
  2. P

    Question Changing drives for new PC

    Hey everyone! I might be overcomplicating this issue, but in my reading I haven't recognized any guide I've found as completely applicable to my exact situation, only parts of it, so I figured I'd just ask on here to make sure my plan is solid. I'm about to build a new gaming PC, all the parts...
  3. JamesOfTheWeast

    First time building a PC on my own. Advice / Opinions on build?

    As the title says, this is my potential build and just wondering if there's any glaringly obvious problems that I haven't noticed? be quiet! PURE base 500DX - Case AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - CPU Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite - Motherboard Corsair RM750 - PSU Sabrent 1TB Rocket PCIe 4 M.2 - SSD Corsair...
  4. A

    Question First PC Build, Suggestions Welcomed! (List included)

    Hey everyone. This would be my first time building a PC and I want to ask for recommendations and if anyone can help see if this is a good build. I primarily wish to use my PC for video editing, photo editing and design, and some light gaming (as of now). This is what would be included in my...
  5. P

    Shopping for new pc

    I am looking to either build or buy 2 custom built pc for myself and my husband. In the past we have always built our own. We used the TechReport guideline that they came out with every year, and our computers were long lasting with little to no issues. Unfortunately, they got bought out last...
  6. Geraldedward2012

    Question New pc build doesnt feel new.

    I recently build a new pc (first one ever) and its been having some problems. When I put the computer to sleep it takes a very long time loading up before I can log in. The other issue is, it recently started crashing when I play certain... games. All in all, it's all new parts, but it feels...