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  1. Zloth

    PCG Article Credits Worth Watching After complaining about credits, I need to acknowledge some good ones - besides the ones in the article. Sacrifice. The developers were clearly having fun here, casting themselves as various characters/units from the game...
  2. mrprovocative

    Asus 4th gen i7 need opinions!

    Hi, I'm in the market for a gaming pc, but for music production rather than gaming. I'm learning as I go but I need some more informed opinions on this pc I am considering buying, because I don't want to waste my money. Is it upgradeable, and what is? Will it run FL Studio (full key)? Is that...
  3. JC_Denton

    Soundtrack Recommendations Please

    Hey Gamers. I've been listening to Halo and Boarderlands and I'm bloody chuffed with both of 'em. I'm looking for video game soundtracks to listen to on a 1 hour train ride each way per day. Non-verbal ODST's preffered.